Laura Barnett Psychotherapy
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I am an existential psychotherapist, counsellor and supervisor registered in the United Kingdom (through UKCP and BACP) and in Europe (through the EAP). I now work privately in Lewes, after 20 years in an NHS hospital where I ran two specialised psychotherapy services - for cancer patients and their carers, and for post-Intensive Care patients. My private work is general: I enjoy working with whatever issues you bring, while also bearing in mind your familial and broader existential context.

I have a strong interest in the way we carry, in our bodies, past traumas as well as the stresses of everyday life, and I integrate into my existential work understanding derived from Sensorimotor Psychotherapy - a trauma therapy informed by the neuroscientific research of recent years. My systemic constellation training has helped me to become more aware of the broader picture of a client’s life - in particular the traumas and relationship patterns that can get carried down the generations within a family.

You can choose to come either for a few sessions over a period of weeks or months,  or else on a longer term basis.

Publications: I have edited two books for Routledge and contributed chapters on existential therapy and supervision. I am the author of: The Heart of Therapy: developing, compassion, understanding and boundaries (Routledge May 2023)